Plan B

Last night as I did my final zoning I found an open box of “ Plan B “ in the oil filters. I took it to claims with a note attached. It said, “ Good times on a Saturday night!


Redneck ass-hole

Man in a blue Dodge truck tried to run me off the road in Iuka. I jerked the truck into the other lane just before we hit. He didn’t stop! I got behind him and followed close. I let him know I was behind him and I was following. Once He put on his blinkers and pulled off on a side road to let me pass, but I slowed down so he could get closer. He stayed back. At Scruggs bridge I pulled off to the right and went down waiting on him. He pulled off too but didn’t show up. I was waiting for him. He must live down there somewhere. I will find it. “ The Fuck-U-Up " fairy is coming!



2015 nissan juke 2014 geneva motor show live photos 100459167 m Fotor Collage

Our next car if we can ever afford one!


Whats wrong with this picture?

If you are caught hunting without a license you can get fined or jail time. The same goes for driving without a license, operating any business, and in some place carrying a gun can get you fines or time. But if you have or father a child out of wedlock without a marriage license you can get all kinds of government help. No time or fines!

Please, tell me what is wrong with this picture?



Some dumbass redneck ran over one of the cats. The SOBs can’t slow down for nothing.


“ With each deed, their noose is woven. ”


Big game hunting

        While doing the day shift some of the locals from across the way came into the store for their daily exercise. Making their way around the store they came upon the rolling clearance rack at sporting goods. This is like candy to a two year old. They deserted on it like a pack of dog on a three legged cat! Dancing around it two of them found a toy called, "Mega Fart". I heard one of them say. " Hey, Man! We can scare the cockroaches out of hiding with this thing!" Yeah! Maybe they will let us have our pellet pistols back!" "We still would have had them if you hadn't shot the duty nurse in the butt last week." She had it coming the other one said. He push the button and loud farting sounds came out of the toy. They both laughed and trotted down to pet supplies to play with the grunting pigs.